When you choose an apartment that meets your demands, you can book it directly on our website. A deposit of 20% of the price for the whole period is required to consider an apartment booked. The rest of the sum should be paid upon arrival in Israel. After negotiating some other details, our representative will meet you where agreed and give you the keys and explain the rules pertaining to your accommodation. Check-in and check-out time are set in advance. At a separate price we can offer you a transport to the airport or other place of your destination.

Methods of payment:

  • Through PayPal (US$ / Euros).
  • Direct bank transfer.
  • Money transfer via Western Union.
  • Payment through your representative in Israel (US$ / Euros / Shekels).

Our account number and other necessary details will be sent to you in accordance with your preferred method of payment.
We are ready to answer all your questions with pleasure 24 hours a day.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

from abroad: +972 545 221 845
inside Israel: 0545 221 845