Rent terms

Between “TLV Space” company (The Owner) and between the guest (The Tenant)
It is agreed between the parties as follows:

  1. The Tenant has the right to use the Residence and its contents only for his/her residence
  2. The Tenant shall pay to the Owner a non-refundable deposit equals to 20% from total amount for ordering, and a remaining 80% must be received no later than Check In in cash USD, Euros or NIS and is a condition to receive the keys.
  3. In the event of cancellation on the part of the Tenant, no refund of the advance payment will be given.
  4. The payment specified in paragraph 2 above includes payment for all utilities during the period except the cost of telephone calls and Electricity for the Tenancy Period which will be born by the Tenant
    1. Check in time is 15PM and check out time is 12PM. In case it would be possible and upon request the owner will consider letting the tenant to arrive before 15PM and leave after 12PM
    2. The Tenant declares herewith that he/she understands that at the end of the Tenancy Period, or before, he/she must return the Residence to the Owner, and therefore will leave it on or before 12PM, empty of people and any item belonging to the Tenant.
  5. The Tenant agrees to keep the Residence and its contents intact and to repair at his/her expense any damage that he may cause. The Tenant will pay an additional 65US$ to have the Residence cleaned professionally upon his departure. This amount will be paid upon receiving the keys.
  6. The Tenant declares that he/she understands that the Tenancy Period of the Residency is limited, to the Tenancy Period of this agreement, and that he/she has no rights as protected tenant of the Residence and that he/she has no right to make any changes to the Residence or it contents.
  7. The Owner is not responsible for any loss or theft of or damage to any possessions belonging to the Tenant or any other person permitted by him/her to enter the Residence, however caused.
  8. The Tenant agrees to permit the Owner or her agent to enter the Residence during the Tenancy Period, by appointment in advance, in order to check the condition of the Residence and also in order to show it to potential tenants.
  9. The Tenant will not keep pets of any kind in the Residence and will not permit others to let pets into the Residence.
  10. The Tenant and the Owner hereby declare that all of the paragraphs of this agreement are fundamental, and that the violation of any of them will be regarded as the violation of the whole agreement.
  11. In order to insure the execution of the agreement, the Tenant will provide the Owner or her agent, a security amount of 100 US$ to be held by the Owner and to be returned to the Tenant at the expiry of the Tenancy Period herein minus any sums payable by the tenant for utilities or damage to the Residence or its contents.
  12. The Tenant agrees that on the expiry of the Tenancy Period herein the Owner or her agent will be entitled to enter the Residence and remove any property not belonging to the Owner and any persons present. The Owner or her agent will have no obligations to take care of any property so removed or to deal with it in any particular way.
  13. No variation of this agreement shall be made except in writing in a document signed by both parties and their properly authorized agents.