Traveling to Tel Aviv? What You Should Learn While Planning Your Trip

Tel Aviv Weather Conditions and Time Zone Change Depending on the time of year you plan to make your trip, you’ll want to get information on what the weather conditions will be when you visit. This can help you pack the right clothes to wear during your stay. Know what time it will be when you arrive; chances are the time change will be different from where you are traveling from. This may have an effect on arrival plans and activities. Travel Documents This may be something new to those who have never travelled to another country before. Learn about any requirements as far as a visa or passport is concerned. This includes reviewing requirements of whether you need documents to visit certain areas. Maps and Navigation throughout Tel Aviv When planning places you want to visit, you may want to get a map of the area to get familiar with street names, landmarks and other places of significance. Having a map will allow you to plan your routes and schedules for the day without getting lost and losing time. Hotels and Lodging There are a variety of hotels in the area that offer great amenities along with beautiful views. Take time to compare prices and features and get an idea of activities you can do within the area. Some may have special promotions to help you save if you plan to travel during a certain time of the year. A few popular hotels include Hotel Diaghilev, Hotel Montefiore and Dan Tel Aviv located by the beach. Restaurants, Clubs and Bars Research popular eateries in Israel for your best vacation before the trip; this can help please everyone if you are traveling with a group of people. It can be nice to try new things but researching a restaurant gives an idea of the types of foods they serve. There are different eateries that are popular spots for brunch and dinner. A few ideas may include Café Tachtit, Delicatessen 79/81, and Raphael, a restaurant that features fresh baked bread from a taboon oven. If you enjoy a good drink or like to get out and have fun, you’ll want to research different bars and clubs in the area where you plan to stay. Lima Lima, Tazidermy and Har Sinai are a few places that feature unique cultural music, dance, and other entertainment trends. Places to go Shopping and Tourist Attractions Tel Aviv offers a variety of shopping stores that feature name brand clothing and stylish trends. Street art and museums such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art can also be places you can plan to visit.
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