Most Popular Attractions in Tel Aviv

The Nalagaat Center: As one of the highest rated places to visit in Tel Aviv with many travelers rating their experience with 5 stars, the theater offers adverse entertainment and dining. Those who work at the theater are visually and hearing impaired but you don’t have to be blind or deaf to enjoy the experience. Many who have visited felt inspired and educated while highly admiring the founder of the establishment. The Palmach Museum: Another high ranked attraction, a historical interactive museum that visitors must visit by appointment only. Many enjoyed the format of the tour and claimed it was a new experience they never had including talking characters. The museum shares details about Palmach’s history and Israeli independence. Neve Tzedek: One of the oldest neighborhoods established before Tel Aviv was developed, the area presents an unusual style that interesting while telling its own story. Many enjoyed an afternoon stroll through the area to view old houses, restaurants and art. Improvements have been made in recent years to certain structures but many feel the original essence is still present. Old Jaffa: A historical neighborhood in South Tel Aviv, it offers exceptional sunset views, great food and a fun atmosphere. Many claimed they have found a wide variety of different souvenirs, wall hangings and more. The area also has art galleries, a waterfront and various shops. Tel Aviv Museum of Art: A popular art museum in the area, it features a unique rich display of European artworks from different centuries. A great place for art lovers and children, it offers a glimpse of different art collections, paintings, sculptures and more. Old Tel Aviv Port Area: This area offers a wide range of entertainment, culture and leisure activities. With great views of the beach and a variety of businesses and shops, you’re sure to find something to match your interests. The area features farmers markets, restaurants, a boardwalk and more. Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center: Located in the heart of the city, the theater is a great attraction to visit. It hosts 2 major culture centers with multiple stages for different performances including concerts, dancing, opera and more. Many admire the architecture of the building along with the garden area while mentioning it being a great place for children. The theater also features a contemporary collection of photography. There are more attractions and destinations in Tel Aviv that many have enjoyed in the past so if you want to spend your vacation in Israel, you should visit Tel Aviv. While many are historical sites there are new and modern attractions that are just as exciting.
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