Israel as a Best Place to Vacation: 7 Things to do in Israel

Those who have visited Israel on numerous occasions, feel they could recommend more than 10 things to do, yet some of the most common things include the following 7 ideas. 1. Visiting ancient sites such as the Mountain Fortress of Masada. This mountain overlooks the Dead Sea and is a great place for those who are adventurous. 2. Snorkeling and scuba diving in the Red Sea. There are different areas, such as Eliat, near the Red Sea that features beautiful underwater sights and observatories. The area also features nice beaches and opportunities to dive with the dolphins. 3. Visiting religious landmarks. Jerusalem is a popular area that features old churches and the Christian Quarter Road (alleged location of Jesus crucifixion and resurrection). Several landmarks throughout Israel are known to be over a thousand years old including the Western Wall. 4. Learning historical history through visiting museums. The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is home of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Tel Aviv features exquisite contemporary European and Israeli art. 5. Touring sandy beaches. The Mediterranean Coast features different beaches including the Sea of Galilee beaches, common for picnicking. 6. Dessert tours. A popular tour includes a trip to the Negev desert. Tours can be enjoyed on foot, horseback and jeep through different desert towns such as Mitzpe Ramon. 7. Shopping at traditional markets. The streets of Jerusalem Old City feature jewelry and souvenirs. You can also find a variety of food markets and traditional dishes in Mahane Yehuda. National parks are also popular attractions with many offering breathtaking views of beautiful landscapes. Israel features over 60 protected natural reserves and national parks. Some of the reserves include remains of old cities that have archaeological significance. Tel Aviv features different nightlife attractions, while Nazareth features spiritual sights of significance as the childhood town of Jesus. People who have spent their vacation in Israel feel it is one of the most important places one should visit. It may be seen as one of the most sacred places in the Middle East due to its unique history. There are touring services and attractions by group, helicopter, cruise and chauffeured car that are sure to enhance your visiting experience. When looking for ideas on places to visit, view feedback from visitors to learn about their experience. Various attractions throughout Israel have websites that provide details about what visitors can expect during their tour. This may include additional costs, free attractions or features and how to maximize your time while visiting the area. Doing research beforehand allows you to compare tourist attractions.
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